Article 5.


The table tennis competition is individual for all three divisions. The competition will allow everybody in a group to play against each other; one group consists of four contestants, and the winners of the groups further continue to compete for medals.

The matches are played in two won/scored sets (2×11).


The groups will be formed according to the applications of the contestants, considering their abilities, age and gender.


A team consists of:

–          I division:  2M + 2F

–          II division: 2M + 2F

–          III division: 2M + 2F



Contestants are obliged to participate wearing adequate sports attire and each contestant is required to bring a table tennis racket.


The type of awards and procedure of award-giving for achieved results is determined by the organizer of the competition.


The matches will be played in accordance with the rules defined by the Table Tennis Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as, according to the rules of the Special Olympics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.