Article 6.


This program of the competition is only for contestants with severe or profound intellectual disability. The contestant can participate in the program alone or with the help of assistants or apparatus.


Groups will be formed according to the applications of the contestants, level with their age and gender.


Contestants are obliged to wear adequate sports attire.


In case of a complaint directed from a participating team, an appeal should be filed, in written form, to the organizers of the Games, by filling out an „Appeal Form“, in a period of 15 (fifteen) minutes. The „Appeal Form” is filled out and signed by the coach (team leader).


The coach, or team leader, is responsible for the behaviour of all of their contestants, prior to, during and after the competition, and this behaviour should be in accordance with the „SIO Code of Conduct“.


All active participants/contestants should conduct a medical exam and should be medically fit for the competition, and the coaches (team leaders) are exclusively responsible for the participant’s health.


The type of awards and procedure of the award ceremony for achieved results is determined by the organizer of the competition.