Article 3.


A team consists of three contestants. Each contestant in one round has two throws; three rounds are played, and the winning team is the one with the greatest number of points in the end. Four groups will be formed and the competition will follow the Cup elimination (single-elimination) system. The winners of the groups will play in the semi-finals and in the matches for first and third place.

Participating teams can register at most two teams for the bowling competition.


The contestants are obliged to wear sports attire and each contestant should have adequate sports equipment (sneakers, tracksuits, and/or a jersey – the same colour of the team jersey), otherwise, they will not be permitted to partake in the competition.


The type of awards and award ceremony procedure for achieved results is determined by the organizer of the competition. The three best-ranked teams will receive awards.


The bowling competition will be in accordance with the rules defined by the organizers of the competition.