Article 7.


The basketball competition is played in teams. The competition is organized by groups. The games are played according to the cup elimination system.


Games are played as outlined:


I division: 2 x 10 minutes, with 3 minutes of rest (half-time).

II division: 2 x 8 minutes, with 3 minutes of rest (half-time).


The competition will follow the cup elimination system, according to the divisions, and the groups will be elected according to the applications of the contestants, level with their age, gender and abilities.


A team consists of:

–          I division:  5 + 3 substitutes

–          II division: 5 + 3 substitutes


Contestants are obliged to partake in the contests wearing adequate sports attire and each contestant should have adequate sports equipment (sneakers, shorts and jersey – the same colour of the team jersey), otherwise, they will not be permitted to take part in the competition.


The type of awards and procedure of the award ceremony for achieved results is determined by the organizer of the competition.


The matches will be played in accordance with the rules of the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as, in accordance with the rules of the Special Olympics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.